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Sat down with Arnold, one of the customers in the team that has been crushing it with our copy & paste app SwipeTrades. We talk about the mindset & journey that one must embrace to achieve these kinds of results. Link to our first interview a few months ago: Link to my video about how Greed will destroy you: Ready to start CRUSHING it? Grab your FREE "Ice Breaker" to Forex PDF: Email me: Become Personal Client of Mine: Connect on Facebook & say hey: IML also offers a 2 & FREE program (to waive your monthly fee). FULL training is provided in the Team Facebook group & you will get instant access once you’re a customer.. Forex is a $5.4 Trillion dollar per day industry and should not be treated like a hobby, and all of our education inside iMarketsLive teaches you how to professionally trade in the markets. Disclaimer: Past profits do not guarantee future profits. Trading contains risk. Only trade what you can afford to lose. Use a demo account until confident to trade LIVE.



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